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Goulds Water Technology A-C Series e-1500 Vertical Inline Pump
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Goulds Water Technology A-C Series e-1500 Vertical Inline Pump


The Goulds Series A-C e-1500 is a heavy-duty, in-line, close-coupled centrifugal pump designed for mounting horizontally or vertically without special pads or foundations. Available in 175#, 250#, and 300# working pressures. The Series A-C e-1500 provides efficient, reliable water transport for a variety of light industrial, general water transportation, agricultural irrigation, and municipal water applications.  Specially balanced stainless steel impellers deliver superior hydraulic performance, chemical resistance, and quiet vibration-free operation. 


  • Stainless steel impellers balanced to ANSI/HI Grade G6.3.
  • Exceeds DOE efficiency standards.
  • Internal flush mechanical seal ensures seal cooling and lubrication.
  • Rigid motor mount ensures concentric motor and pump alignment.
  • Back pullout design streamlines maintenance.
  •  Standard (built-in) or flushed single (stuffing box design) seals available.


  • Municipal water.
  • Light industrial.
  • Irrigation and agriculture.
  • General water transportation.


  • Sizes from 1.5” to 8” (3.8 cm to 20 cm).
  • Flows to 2500 GPM (9463 l/min).
  • Heads to 380 feet (116 m).
  • Working pressures at 175, 250, and 300 PSI (12.1, 17.2, 20.6 bar).
  • Temperatures to 300°F (149°C). 
  • Horsepower from 0.75 HP to 50 HP at 1750 RPM, and 5 to 60 HP at 3500 RPM.


Goulds Water Technology provides centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives, and accessories for agricultural, building trades, commercial and light industrial water and wastewater applications.


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