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Fristam FDS Twin Screw Pump
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Fristam FDS Twin Screw Pump


The Fristam FDS is an innovative double-screw positive displacement pump ideal for handling high-viscosity or low-viscosity fluids in hygienic processing applications. This versatile pump combines the advantages of double-screw technology with Fristam's high manufacturing quality standards.

The FDS pump is engineered for maximum flexibility. It can gently transport high-viscosity products like fruit concentrates. The pump can also achieve high speeds up to 3600 RPM to efficiently move low-viscosity fluids like CIP water or detergent. The FDS eliminates the need for a separate pump for cleaning processes.


  • Transports high- or low-viscosity products.
  • Achieves speeds up to 3600 RPM.
  • Handles extreme viscosities and differential pressures.
  • Hygienic design with fully flushed mechanical seals.
  • Easy front access for seal replacement.
  • Three-piece casing design for flexibility.
  • Compact size with multiple mounting options.
  • Reversible rotation direction.
  • Smooth operation with optimized shaft and bearings.
  • Long-lasting reliability from robust construction.


  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Personal care and chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Pumping ingredients, finished products, CIP


  • Handles pressures up to 30 bar (435 PSI).
  • Offers flow rates ranging from 20 m3/hr (88 gpm) to  180 m3/hr ( 793 GPM).
  • Capable of handling viscosities up to 1,000,000 cps.
  • Standard temperature range up to 150°C (302°F);  up to 220°C (428°F) optional.
  • Provides low pulsation operation.
  • Achieves high volumetric and energetic efficiency.


Fristam Pumps USA, the leading manufacturer of high-performance sanitary stainless steel pumps, mixers and blenders used by the beverage, dairy, food and pharmaceutical/biotech industries, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1909, Fristam began its US operations in 1977 with the goal to provide quality pumping solutions and exceptional customer service to customers in North and South America. Its US manufacturing facility, located in Middleton, WI has expanded several times over the years as the business continues to grow, thanks in part to loyal customers and committed channel partners. Fristam has built an unmatched reputation in the marketplace for innovative and top quality equipment and strives to be the pumping solution of choice for many years to come.


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