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DiscFlo Horizontal Pumps
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DiscFlo Horizontal Pumps


Horizontal Pumps

Discflo’s line of horizontal, end-suction Disc Pumps use the unique Discpac technology to provide a superior alternative to centrifugal and PC pumps in tough applications. Disc pumps have no close tolerances and deliver laminar, pulsation-free flow.

They excel at handling abrasive, high-solids (up to 90%) and/or viscous fluids. They can also pump air or gas entrained fluids, up to 80% by volume, and large or stringy solids, without clogging. The Disc Pump’s unique non-impingement Discpac ‘impeller’ prevents degradation, emulsification and damage to delicate and shear sensitive products.

Handles a wide variety of difficult fluids efficiently and effectively, without breaking down in service. The same pump model can handle fluctuations in temperature, pressure, solids content and even product without breakdown. Horizontal pump line includes: in-line, close-coupled, side-by-side, over-under and self-priming configurations for hard-to-pump applications


Discflo Corporation was founded in 1982 and quickly became an industry leader in the hard-to- pump market and throughout the world. Our record of success in the highly competitive pump market is a result of breakthrough, state-of- the-art pump technology and a commitment to providing the most efficient and economical solutions to the toughest pumping problems.


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