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Crane Aloyco® Stainless Steel Check Valves

Crane Aloyco® Stainless Steel Check Valves


Aloyco® stainless steel check valves come in alloy steel y-pattern and t-pattern designs and offer critical protection for pumps and compressors in corrosive environments.

Materials of construction currently available are CF8M (type 316) and Alloy 20. Flanged end, socket-weld end, and threaded end valves are available with bolted cap and threaded cap.

Sizes range from ½" - 24" in pressure classes 150 - 600.


  • Full material offering including CF8M, CF3M, and CN7M (Alloy 20)
  • Broad pressure classes including Class 150, Class 300, Class 600, and 200 CWP
  • 100% testing for quality assurance


Aloyco® has supplied stainless and alloy steel valves for more than 70 years. The product line includes gate, globe, swing check and ball valves in sizes ½" -24", with flanged, socket weld, and threaded ends and pressure classes 150 to 600.


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