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Cornell Duraprime Series
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Cornell Duraprime Series


Cornell's N-series pumps are designed to tackle the toughest solids handling applications across industries such as municipal, agricultural, and industrial. With discharge sizes ranging from 1.25" to 30", these versatile pumps can be mounted in various configurations including close-coupled, SAE engine, horizontal, and vertical. 

The N-series features enclosed impellers that can handle solids up to 10" and achieve flow rates as high as 40,000 GPM. For stringy materials and rags, a delta impeller option is available. Trusted in wastewater handling for over three decades, the N-series is known for its robust and dependable design, supported by Cornell's signature heavy-duty bearing frame.


  • Adaptable to close-coupled, SAE engine-mount, horizontal frame-mount, and vertical coupled configurations
  • Enclosed impellers handle up to 10" solids and 40,000 GPM flow
  • Delta impeller option for stringy materials and rags
  • Sturdy and reliable design trusted in wastewater handling for 30+ years
  • Heavy-duty Cornell bearing frame for durability


  • Municipal wastewater handling
  • Agricultural waste management
  • Industrial solids handling


  • Discharge sizes from 1.25" to 30" 
  • Solids handling up to 10"
  • Flow rates up to 40,000 GPM



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