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Copes-Vulcan Variable Annulus Desuperheater
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Copes-Vulcan Variable Annulus Desuperheater


The VAD is a cost-effective, line size desuperheater. Produced from stock materials it is readily available to satisfy general desuperheating and gas cooling applications.

Essentially a dynamically contoured, stainless steel spray head concentrically located within a short section of pipe (body). The pipe acts as the desuperheaters outer body and pressure boundary. It fits into the main vapor line via either line size flanged or butt weld end connections for easy installation.


  • Temperature control to within 5 °C (10 °F) of saturation
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • High rangeability 15:1
  • Coolant pressure need only be 0.5 bar (7 PSI) superior to vapor
  • Self-regulating 360 degrees coolant annulus for uniform distribution.
  • No spray nozzles to introduce blockage concerns
  • Full atomization over the entire operating range
  • Minimal vapor side pressure drop
  • No thermal liners required.
  • Buttweld or flanged to ANSI 150, 300, 600 or DIN PN10, 16, 40, 64, 100.
  • Body: Carbon, Chrome Moly, and Stainless Steel. Spray Head and Wetted Pants: Stainless Steel


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