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Copes-Vulcan SD Series Severe Duty Control Valves
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Copes-Vulcan SD Series Severe Duty Control Valves


Copes-Vulcan SPX severe duty control valves are designed to handle the most demanding applications in power generation, chemical processing, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and other heavy industrial processes. Available in a broad range of sizes from 3⁄4 to 20 inches, these rugged globe and angle style valves utilize high strength cast steel construction to control high pressure steam, liquids, gases, and slurries.

With over 100 years of experience manufacturing severe service valves, Copes-Vulcan leads the industry in innovative valve technologies and trims optimized for noise attenuation, cavitation protection, flashing, and high pressure drops. Custom engineering ensures the perfect valve configuration for your specific pressure, flow rate, temperature, and media conditions.


  • Heavy-duty cast steel body and bonnet construction withstand high pressures up to 4500 psi.
  • Variety of trim designs, including RavenTM, Hush®, Exclusive Soft Seated Hush®, GADTM, and Tandem trims to fit operational requirements.
  • Quick change trim designs reduce downtime and maintenance.
  • Rangeability options from 35-50:1 to 200:1 for wide flow variations.
  • Designed in accordance with ANSI B16.1, B16.5, B16.11, B16.25, B16.34. GS-Style Globe valve is certified ASME Section I, ASME Section III N & NPT, 97/23/EC-PED-CE, and ISO-9001.
  • Pneumatic, electric, and manual actuators available.
  • Custom engineering for specialized severe service applications.


  • Feedwater Control and Start-Up
  • Steam Conditioning and Pressure Reduction
  • Steam Throttling to Atmosphere
  • Pump Recirculation Control
  • Flashing and Cavitating Services
  • High Pressure Gas and Steam Services
  • Critical Pressure Drop Gas and Steam Service
  • High Temperature Drains and Vents
  • Nuclear “N” Stamp  and Seismic Applications


  • Guaranteed low leakage rates.
  • Accurate pressure and flow control across operating range.
  • Noise velocity, and erosion attenuation.
  • Cavitation elimination for liquid services.
  • Tight shutoff even after thousands of cycles.
  • Quick change design streamlines maintenance.
  • Interchangeable trims maximize flexibility and reduce inventory needs.
  • Stable operation resists vibration and flashing.


Combining the longstanding market presence of well-known trusted brands with the drive and vibrancy of a new highly-focused operation, Celeros represents a major force in flow control technology.


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