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Copes-Vulcan Pressure Reducing Desuperheating Valve
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Copes-Vulcan Pressure Reducing Desuperheating Valve


The Copes-Vulcan PRDS is a single seat, angle style valve that combines pressure and temperature reduction in one compact solution.

The high pressure, high temperature vapor enters the main branch, is reduced in pressure and then coolant is introduced. The high velocities and turbulent flow conditions that are present immediately following the pressure reduction allow for rapid atomization and absorption of the coolant.

The PRDS is best suited to applications requiring continuous modulation.


  • High quality cast body
  • Smooth body contours to reduce stress concentration
  • Fully guided plug reduces wear
  • Trim is fully accessible through the bonnet for ease of maintenance
  • Solid valve stem eliminates thermal stress experienced in hollow stem designs
  • Unique water mixing provides superior control and eliminates piping thermal liners.


Combining the longstanding market presence of well-known trusted brands with the drive and vibrancy of a new highly-focused operation, Celeros represents a major force in flow control technology.


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