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Copes-Vulcan Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater

Copes-Vulcan Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater


The Copes-Vulcan Multiple Nozzle Spray Desuperheater offers optimum performance and rangeability in a variable spray tube design. The MNSD fills the performance gap between the limited capability of a simple mechanical spray type desuperheater and the virtually unlimited capability of Copes-Vulcans Variable Orifice Desuperheater. The MNSD offers high temperature capabilities and up to Class V leakage rating.


  • Temperature control to within 15°F (8°C) of saturation with the ability to hold set point within a tolerance of 10°F (6°C)
  • Standard maximum available Cv of 10.5 (Kv of 8.9)
  • Water flow turndown of 150:1 or higher
  • User-friendly design - nozzles and trim assembly can be removed without disconnecting the actuator
  • No need for separate cooling water control valve
  • Designed for applications with temperatures up to 1150°F (620°C)
  • Available in standard classes 600, 900,1500 and 2500 per ANSI B16.5
  • Cooling water inlet pressures up to 3500 psig (24 MPag)(higher pressures on application)
  • FCI 70-2/ANSI Class IV or Class V shutoff capability
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Standard ANSI connections are 3" (80mm) raised face flange (steam) and 1.5" (40mm) raised face flange (water)
  • Designed to resist thermal fatigue


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