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Copes-Vulcan General Service Control Valves

Copes-Vulcan General Service Control Valves


The GS-General Service Valves continues Copes-Vulcan's tradition of designing and manufacturing control valves that provide both exceptional service and great value. Representing significant refinement in design and performance for general service globe style control valves, the GS-General Service Valves combines advanced levels of body configuration, trims, and actuation to produce a valve assembly capable of premium performance at a competitive price. Copes-Vulcan General Service Valves are ideally suited for non-severe flow control of most liquids, steam, and gases. They provide reliable, economical performance in heater drains, gas and fuel oil control, feedwater control, steam/gas pressure reduction, and many other power and process flow control operations. Suitable for controlling water, steam, gas, and most other fluids, General Service Valves deliver a new standard of versatility, rugged dependability and cost-effectiveness.


  • Straight-through globe style body design with streamlined precision cast bodies provides smooth contours and transition areas; minimizing flow restriction and maximizing capacity.
  • Computer calculated cross-sections and wall thicknesses assure high structural integrity while maintaining a favorable strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Available in 0.758 (20200mm) sizes as standard, ANSI pressure classes of 150600, and most standard castable material choices, with either flanged, welded or threaded end connections.
  • Can be equipped with an extensive array of standardized trims to meet virtually any general service requirement.
  • Raven, HUSH, Tandem, and GAD high-performance trims are available and can be used to control occurrences of cavitation, flashing, or noise. All trims are quick change to assure ease of maintenance and are fully interchangeable between like sizes to ensure maximum flexibility and reduced inventory requirements.
  • A complete range of 700 series pneumatic diaphragm actuators are available.


Combining the longstanding market presence of well-known trusted brands with the drive and vibrancy of a new highly-focused operation, Celeros represents a major force in flow control technology.


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