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Cat Pumps Liquid CO2 Pump
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Cat Pumps Liquid CO2 Pump


Cat Pumps provides over 20 years of engineering expertise in liquid CO2 pumping systems for industrial applications. These industrial duty pumps for liquid CO2 applications utilize specialized components to meet the unique needs of liquid carbon dioxide: extreme cold, low lubricity, and higher inlet and discharge pressures.

The Cat liquid CO2 pump is available in brass or 316 stainless steel, and can deliver flow rates from 0.5 to 48 GPM with drive end and manifold combinations that facilitate pressure capabilities to 7000 PSI. Custom-engineered packages integrate features like vented seals, check valves, and ported manifolds to prevent system damage from vaporization or leaks. All liquid CO2 pumps and accessories can be incorporated into a process-specific design.


  • Brass and stainless steel bodies.
  • Inverted manifolds to avoid vapor entrapment in inlet/return lines.
  • Vented seals and retainers prevent damage from CO2 leakage.
  • Integrated check valves to facilitate vapor release and air exclusion.  


  • Liquid CO2 transfer and supply.
  • Food process refrigeration and freezing.
  • Industrial shield gas in welding applications.
  • Fire suppression systems.
  • Lipid extraction.
  • Oil and gas well oil recovery.


  • Flows from 0.34 to 50 GPM (189 to 27,800 lbs/hr).
  • Pressures to 7000 psi (483 bar).
  • Heads up to 1500 feet.  
  • Temperatures down to -109°F.


Cat Pumps has been a leader selling precision triplex reciprocating pumps and systems for more than forty years. With an emphasis on immediate product availability and outstanding customer service, our family owned and operated business prides itself on a commitment to quality and long life as the foundation of its ongoing success.


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