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Cat Pumps Flush Pump
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Cat Pumps Flush Pump


Cat Pumps’ flush pumps feature a ported inlet manifold that permits an external flush liquid to circulate between the low- and high-pressure seals. Flush pumps are used for low-lubricity liquids and high-temperature applications. The seal flush will greatly increase the life of the seals in those applications. Flush pumps are available in brass and 316 stainless steel, and in performance ranges of 0.5 – 60 GPM and 100 – 7000 PSI.


Cat Pumps has been a leader selling precision triplex reciprocating pumps and systems for more than forty years. With an emphasis on immediate product availability and outstanding customer service, our family owned and operated business prides itself on a commitment to quality and long life as the foundation of its ongoing success.


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