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BJM Pumps KZNRF Series Submersible Pump
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BJM Pumps KZNRF Series Submersible Pump



  • - Fahrenheit® High-temperature, abrasion-resistant solids-handling pump
  • - Withstands temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)
  • - Hard metal agitator slurry pump
  • - Hardened ductile iron volute to 71 Rockwell C
  • - Hardened ductile iron volute with 300 Brinell hardness for twice the abrasion resistance of standard ductile iron.
  • - Semi-open impeller handles high concentration of abrasive solids
  • - Heavy duty high-chrome agitator (28%) for sand/sludge/slurry applications
  • - Chrome iron semi-open impeller and wear plate
  • - Double silicon carbide mechanical seals in a separate oil-filled seal chamber
  • - Class 30 ductile iron
  • - NPT discharge
  • - Hardened ductile top discharge motor housing
  • - Heavy duty ball bearings
  • - Motor cooled by pumped liquids
  • - Seal Minder® moisture detection system
  • - Hardened ductile iron volute
  • - Heavy duty lifting rings for easy transport
  • - Class R motor insulation
  • - 4 pole motor
  • - 3-phase voltages
  • - 5 HP – 30 HP


BJM Pumps are designed for harsh environments. Choose BJM Pumps for applications with solids-laden liquids, abrasive slurries, acidic or caustic fluids, and high temperatures.


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