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Barnes Replacement Core Units | Grinder Pump
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Barnes Replacement Core Units | Grinder Pump


The new Barnes Razor centrifugal grinder pump brings reliability, longevity, and innovative solids handling technology in an Upgrade Core package fitting directly into most basins. Centrifugal operation outperforms traditional progressing cavity pumps.

The Razor utilizes a patented axial cutting technology that efficiently reduces solid materials such as flushable wipes, diapers, and other non-biodegradables encountered in modern waste streams. The 2 HP pump is ideal for light commercial and residential applications needing advanced solids handling.


  • Superior non-clogging performance over radial cutting systems.
  • Modular plug-and-play cords for easy installation and service.
  • Dual voltage motor optimizes cutting torque performance in 208-240 volt systems.
  • Discharge pipe suitable for preconfigured systems and turnkey installations.
  • Rigid or flex hose discharge connections.


  • Residential sewage.
  • Municipal sewage.
  • Commercial sewage.
  • Light industrial sewage.


  • Flows to 56 GPM
  • Heads to 200 feet
  • 1 – 1/4 inch NPT female discharge
  • 1 & 2 HP motors
  • 208-240 volt


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