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Barnes EcoTRAN™ Grinder Pump System

Barnes EcoTRAN™ Grinder Pump System


Barnes Pressure Sewer System offers a solution to the residential market for new or existing sewer needs. The EcoTRAN™ Grinder Pump System preserves groundwater ecology by collecting and grinding residential sewage in an underground basin and transmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. The unit is easily installed and maintained as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Features and Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing rock shaped covers
  • Basin Entry is never required as all maintenance requirements are top- side
  • Simple installation 
  • UL and CSA Listed (Consult Factory for details)
  • Pump NSF Approved
  • No field adjustment is required because operating levels are factory preset.


  • Residential sewage


  • Flows To: 56 g.p.m.
  • Heads To: 200 feet
  • Discharge: 1.25 inches



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