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ABZ Valve 400 Series Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valve

ABZ Valve 400 Series Double Offset High Performance Butterfly Valve


Also known as high-performance butterfly valves, double-offset valves feature two offset stems that offer especially long life due to reduced contact between valve discs and seats. This type of valve can be especially helpful if your operations involve higher pressures and particulate fluids.

Forum’s ABZ™ line of double-offset butterfly valves include the Elite 400 and ABZolute High Performance series. Built on the most advanced technology currently available in the valve industry, these rugged valves are designed to offer improved safety and maximum life even in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. All of our high-performance valves are manufactured to the highest industry technical standards that include the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and other international standards of quality.


  • Two- to 24-inch sizes
  • Wafer and lugged designs
  • Underneath drawn gland packing for easy adjustment and direct actuation mounting
  • Direct-mount operation
  • Positive stem retention system above packing
  • 316 stainless steel (SS) bearings for long service life
  • Heavy-duty seat retainer plate/cap screws
  • Leak-resistant seat retainer seal
  • Offset disc taper pins for greater yield point than stem
  • Machined disc position stop for maximum seat and seal life
  • 316 SS disc for quick release from seat, lowered torqued, smooth operation
  • Maximum strength stem for high-torque applications
  • Compliance includes: API 598/607/609/MSS-SP-68 standards
  • Compliance to API 641, ISO 15848-1 & ISO 15848-2 available upon request


Forum’s comprehensive ABZ product line includes general purpose and specialty valves up to 72 inches. All of our resilient-seated valves feature tight-tolerance bodies, resilient seals, simplified field maintenance and durable impact/corrosion-resistant materials for maximum life.


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