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The Future of Fluid Process is here.



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Your experience with us is more than equipment. Companies that partner with us know our number one priority is helping our customers be more successful and profitable. 

Learn how we help customers every day, and then let's talk about how we can help you.

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Top-Tier Manufacturers For Every Application

Progressive cavity and rotary lobe pumps
Multi-stage, general service andsubmersible centrifugal pumps
Heavy-duty submersible, horizontal and vertical abrasive slurry/solids handling
Sandpiper industrial and sanitary air-operated double diaphragm pumps
fristam pumps
Sanitary centrifugal, circumferentialpiston, rotary lobe and twin screwpumps
Pumps, valves, heat exchangers,homogenizers
Mechanical seals, packing, seal supportsystems
Disc, cantilever, glass-lined, horizontal,sanitary, submersible, and multi-stagepumps
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Over 80 Years Strong

We got our start selling pumps to the paper industry. During the past 80+ years, however, we've grown into much more.

Sure, pumps are still a huge part of our business, but now we’re a diverse fluid handling powerhouse, offering a multi-faceted portfolio of equipment and services that can satisfy the most demanding needs.

Today, we’re the Midwest's largest distributor of industrial-grade pumps, valves, filters, wastewater treatment equipment, and other fluid processing technology.

Crane Helps Customers Use Technology To Monitor Equipment Health

A manufacturer with two ailing cooling tower pumps needed to send the pumps in to Crane for repairs. The manufacturer used the i-Alert2 to monitor the health of each pump as the other was repaired. 

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