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Water Technology Resources Large Gate Valve

Water Technology Resources Large Gate Valve

WTR - Water Technology Resources
These valves are manufactured in state of the art foundry and production facilities, and castings are poured from a variety of materials. Available in a broad selection of end connections, WTR Valves are manufactured to meet or exceed a wide array of compliance standards.
  • Flanges comply with ANSI B16.1 Class 125 / 250 (model 3124).
  • Wedge is fully encapsulated with NBR/EPDM.
  • Triple O-Rings for stem sealing are replaceable under pressure.
  • All Bolts are Stainless Steel and are sealed with wax.
  • Minimum 8 dry mils Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating inside and outside — NSF 61 / AWWA C - 550
  • Operated by handwheel, wrench nut, or gear operated. Automatic Actuators available.

Founded in 1992, Minnesota-based WTR is a manufacturer of high quality specialty valves for the water, wastewater, industrial, plumbing, and fire protection markets. Their AWWA-approved product line includes: gate, knife gate, eccentric plug, swing check, flex disc check, and ball check valves.

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