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Ultraflote Water Tanks and Domes

Ultraflote Water Tanks and Domes


Ultraflote's state-of-the-art covers are constructed of the highest-quality materials available, and can be customized by our experienced, talented engineers to make sure they conform to your project's unique needs. We've installed over 15,000 projects at sites around the world, tailored for anything and everything.

  • No need to dispose of water contaminated due to leaky seals
  • No standing water reduces the corrosion of steel parts
  • No more pipe drain, hose issues, or wind losses
  • Seals are no longer vulnerable to ultraviolet light
  • Zero risk of EFR sinking or collapse because of too much weight
  • Zero risk of rim fires
  • Integral tension rings prevent horizontal stress on the tank shell
  • Lightweight, so existing foundations will not be overwhelmed
  • Easily installed using three different methods
  • Can be installed without taking the tank out of service

For over 35 years, the Ultraflote Corporation has provided Aluminum Geodesic Dome advanced Tank Cover Technologically and Internal Floating Roofs for petroleum, municipal, and industrial applications. With over 10,000 Floating Roofs and Aluminum Geodesic Dome projects completed, we are confident that we have a solution that's just right for you.

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