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Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pump (HSC)

Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pump (HSC)


Patterson Pumps

Horizontal Split Case — The HSC pump is widely used to move clear water or low-viscosity, clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. A fine combination of volume with ample head, this rugged, simple design offers extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.

  • Sizes up to 48" discharge outlets
  • Max flow: 100,000 GPM
  • Max head: 550' single-stage; 1150' two-stage
  • Can be designed in horizontal, vertical, or custom configurations
  • Ball or split sleeve bearings are enclosed in dust-proof cartridges
  • Packed pumps are standard with split glands and a lantern ring
  • Optional mechanical seals are available
  • Bearing supports are integrally cast

For over a century, Patterson has been the company to deal with for reliability in worldwide pumping installations — whether satisfying urban water and waste demands, harnessing and controlling ravaging floods, reclaiming arid deserts, taming rampaging and devastating fires, or protecting the planet's ecological balance.

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