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Micropump CA Series Centrifugal Pump

Micropump CA Series Centrifugal Pump



The CA Series Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump is ideal for high-flow applications requiring excellent chemical and abrasion reistance. The CA Series utilizes a unique magnetic drive technology, providing a virtually leak-free environment, energy-efficient fluid delivery, and compatability with a wide range of motors. The CA Series pump and the Micropump EagleDrive™ provides a very compact package, and the integrated impeller/magnet assembly reduces the number of rotating parts and maximizes pump life.

  • Small Size
  • Simple Construction
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Energy Efficient Delivery
  • Wide Motor Capability
  • System Compatibility
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Proven Reliability

Established in 1960, Micropump Inc. is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology. Today, Micropump® is the market leader in low-flow gear pumps offering standard models, configure-to-order options, and custom solutions. Specializing in OEM and industrial pump applications where precise fluid control is required, Micropump combines state-of-the-art manufacturing with unparalleled engineering expertise to meet its customers’ ever-changing fluid handling needs.

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