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Envirogen Coagulation Filtration

Envirogen Coagulation Filtration

Envirogen Technologies

Envirogen Technologies, Inc.'s coagulation filtration process works by collecting the coagulated contaminant in the influent water onto the filter media. Our pure MnO2 media has been judged superior to competing technologies, such as greensand, largely due to the robust nature of its composition. Our preferred media resists the degradation that is common with manganese-coated substrates.

  • Increased efficiency when compared to large static vessel design
  • Effective removal of arsenic, iron, manganese and radium
  • Small, multi-bed configuration
  • Range of media available to match the specific application

Envirogen Technologies is a 21st century environmental technology and process solutions provider that combines experience in water and vapor phase treatment with a track record of exceptional performance, allowing us to deliver long-term, guaranteed solutions in a broad range of treatment and process-related applications. Today, we provide system design, process engineering, equipment systems and operating solutions for the treatment of groundwater and wastewater, waste reduction, VOC/odor abatement and resource recovery for a range of industrial and non-industrial customers.

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