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Tomal PolyRex Liquid Polymer Make-Up Unit

Tomal PolyRex Liquid Polymer Make-Up Unit

Tomal Metering Systems

A complete set of equipment that provides a complete dissolving and dosing system for liquid concentrated emulsion or dispersion polymers. When the application requires batch processing of liquid polymer, the PolyRex Liquid is the right choice. PolyRex Liquid is a turn-key automatic machine for batch-wise preparation and polymer mixing. PolyRex Liquid is designed to be as user-friendly and maintenance-free as possible. The unit is easily controlled via the PLC touch screen display.

  • Liquid polymer feed pump, type progressive cavity pump
  • Injection nozzle for adding the liquid polymer
  • Water ejector for optimal dissolving of polymer
  • Preparation/stock tanks made from stainless steel
  • Easily operated via the PLC touch screen display
  • Tanks and agitators are made of stainless steel AISI 304

Tomal has a stable and experienced working staff with a very high grade of know-how. This is very important when you are designing and selling custom-made metering systems for solids.

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