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Kusters Water Terminodour

Kusters Water Terminodour


Whereas other systems extract and treat odors, the Terminodour system is unique in that it oxidizes the odor at the point of the source. The ionized air is distributed into the building where it reacts and oxidizes odors while maintaining a healthy working environment for operators and reducing corrosion.

Terminodour uses no water, chemical or media which minimizes capital and operational costs in dealing with spent media or consumables. There are more than 150 operational Terminodour plants worldwide.

  • No chemicals, no water, no waste
  • Nothing to replace or dispose
  • Reduced sulfide inspired corrosion
  • Minimal maintenance

For over 30 years Kusters Water has been dedicated to the introduction of new and innovative technologies to the wastewater treatment market. These technologies offer customers high-level performance, low maintenance, and competitive pricing.

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