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Krofta Supracell Circular DAF Clarifier

Krofta Supracell Circular DAF Clarifier


One of the many liquid-solid separation challenges faced by facilities is processing effluent from multiple wastewater streams. Fortunately, the Krofta Supracell circular DAF clarifier provides small volume and high output water clarification in a circular footprint while offering low retention time for maximum efficiencies for operations. Further benefits include stainless steel construction, a shallow tank, minimized sludge disposal costs and low maintenance.

  • Circular footprint ideal for limited space
  • Air Dissolving Tube (ADT) provides lower air consumption
  • System provides higher hydraulic capacity
  • Stainless steel construction provides lower maintenance costs
  • 20 standard sizes offering a guide capacity range

Krofta Technologies continues to lead with the highest quality DAF products and with unmatched expertise in wastewater engineering applications of DAF. Our innovative and cost-effective technologies are the remedy to contaminated water sources, prevent further pollution, and recover valuable materials. Across industrial applications of steel, paper, petroleum, a wide range of food production and municipal water and wastewater, Krofta DAFs are providing the solution to wastewater treatment and recovery of resources. 

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