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ITT PumpSmart PS200 Variable Frequency Drives

ITT PumpSmart PS200 Variable Frequency Drives

PumpSmart® offers automatic pump control by integrating the pump controller in the drive. No external controller is required, making PumpSmart a simple and cost-effective solution for your basic pumping needs. The PS200 incorporates all the latest PumpSmart features, including SMARTFLOW, Advanced Pump Protection, Flow Economy, SMARTCONTROL, and many more.

  • Was developed to protect the pump and optimize pump control
  • Sensorless flow measurement within  5% of the pump’s rated flow
  • Protects your pump from various process upset conditions
  • Integrated pump controller automatically controls the pump
  • Can increase/decrease pump flow by changing the pump torque
  • Control coordination between 2 to 4 pumps

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