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Walworth Forged Steel Swing Check Valve

Walworth Forged Steel Swing Check Valve


Check valves are generally used to protect pumps or similar equipment, allowing the flow in only one direction and preventing flow reversal due to back pressure.

The swing type check valves are designed to produce a low pressure drop in the pipeline. This design provides a tight seal as well as a fast reaction to the closure.

  • Valves in accordance with API-602.
  • Socket weld, threaded, combined.
  • Bolted or welded bonnets options.
  • Low fugitive emissions control.
  • Nace service either MR-0175 or MR-0103
  • Test in accordance with API-598.
  • Body to cover joint designed to apply a uniform load to the gasket to assure a leak proof seal.

  • Disc to hanger allows the disc a controlled movement independent to the hanger to assure proper disc alignment with the seat at closure.

  • The connection is secured by a welded disc nut to prevent disassembly due to vibration and closure impact.

  • Stellite seat ring provides increased resistance to wear abrasion and erosion of the sealing surface.

Walworth's valves are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent special requirements of various industries, including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic and ship building applications.

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