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Walworth Forged Steel Gate Valve

Walworth Forged Steel Gate Valve


The Gate Valve is used when the need exists for a device that allows an interruption or cut off in the flow of fluid. Gate Valves are not to be used for flow modulation as the high velocity through a partially open valve may result in erosive damage to the wedge and seats. Under normal operating conditions, the valve should remain either fully open or fully closed. Installation of a Gate Valve is independent of the flow direction.

  • Valves in accordance with API-602.
  • Socket Weld, Threaded, Combined or Flanged RF or RTJ ends.
  • Bolted Bonnet or Welded Bonnet options.
  • Expanded Seat Rings.
  • Low fugitive emissions control.
  • NACE Service either MR-0175 or MR-0103.
  • Test in accordance with API-598.
  • Rising stem with precision acme double thread for quick operation.
  • Stem-gate connection designed so that under severe applied loads (stuck gate), the stem will fail outside of the stuffing box pressure boundary.
  • Stem packing is designed for optimum control of fugitive emissions leakage to the atmoshphere. The ultra-low emission leakage rate is assured by the fine finish on the stem sealing area, the reduced diametrical clearences and the stem straightness control.
  • Backseat designed to relieve back pressure on the stem packing when fully seated. Replacing stem packing under pressure is not recommended.
  • Body to bonnet joint designed to apply a uniform load to the gasket to assure a leak proof seal.
  • Stellite seat rings provide increased resistance to wear, abrasionand erosion of the sealing surfaces.

Walworth's valves are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent special requirements of various industries, including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic and ship building applications.

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