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SPX Copes-Vulcan General Service Control Valve

SPX Copes-Vulcan General Service Control Valve



Suitable for controlling water, steam, gas and most other fluids, General Service Valves (GS) deliver a new standard of versatility, rugged dependability and cost effectiveness. Copes-Vulcan General Service Valves are ideally suited for non-severe flow control of most liquids, steam and gases. They provide reliable, economical performance in heater drains, gas and fuel oil control, feedwater control, steam/gas pressure reduction and many other power and process flow control operations.

  • Straight-through globe style body design with streamlined precision cast bodies provides smooth contours and transition areas; minimizing flow restriction and maximizing capacity.
  • Computer calculated cross sections and wall thicknesses assure high structural integrity while maintaining a favorable strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Sizes: 3/4" to 8"

Copes-Vulcan, an SPX brand is a leading supplier of control valves and desuperheaters for the power, process and nuclear industries. Copes Vulcan’s longevity has afforded them a solid foundation in tailoring equipment selection and design to our customers' requirements and conditions.

Today under SPX, Copes-Vulcan joins other highly respected process solution brands to provide our customers with more choices, more innovative solutions.

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