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Rieger N7 Aseptic Mixproof Valve

Rieger N7 Aseptic Mixproof Valve

Rieger Valves

The reliable separation of two process lines is achieved via the CIP/SIP capable leakage chamber of the RIEGER-double seat valve N7 (also called double chamber valve. The CIP/SIP valves control the steam inlet and condensate outlet at the leakage space. 
The excellent aseptic properties are achieved by the hermetic separation of the ambient.

Rieger relies in the fruit sector e.g. yoghurt with strawberries not on the metal bellows, but on the PTFE-metal combi bellows which connects the durability of the PTFE bellows (more than 1 million cycles) with the erosion-free sealing technology of the O-ring!

This type of valve is available not only for pipes, but also for tank attachment. This valve is indispensable in aseptic valve clusters and aseptic filling machines, in which the highest value is placed to comprehensive product safety.
  • Massive valve housing with no dead spaces
  • Many possible installation orientations
  • Seal replacement without special tools
  • Low downtime
  • Screwed bellows
  • Perfectly cleanable
  • Long lifetime of PTFE bellows
  • Minimal maintenance costs

Rieger was founded in Aalen, Germany in 1879. Today, Rieger is an internationally recognized member of the globally active NEUMO Ehrenberg Group.

Our valves are precision engineered to meet the exacting demands of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries, or wherever productivity, safety and quality are required. Committed to the customer by providing innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards, Rieger offers a full-line of aseptic and hygienic valves, including BioCheck Sampling, Incline Seat, Divert, Double Seal, Overflow and Mix Proof valves.

Rieger valves aren’t just designed better. They’re designed to work better with your equipment. We adapt our valves to your process, so you don’t have to adapt your process. Our valve solutions maximize life cycles, reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime and improve productivity.

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