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Orbinox RC Flap Gate Valve

Orbinox RC Flap Gate Valve




The Orbinox model RC and RR Flap Gates are designed for discharge lines such as levees, sewer lines and drainage conduits. The flap stays closed preventing water back-flow, and it opens automatically when the unseating water head is higher than the seating water head. From sizes 6"x 6" to 56" x 56" the RC square Flap Gate and the RR round Flap Gate have a unique seal design, resulting in a substantially watertight performance. Orbinox can also design and manufacture the RC and RR models in larger sizes.

  • Stainless steel fabricated design
  • Double jointed pivot arm design ensures a perfect seating for optimum sealing performance
  • Self adjusting "lip" type seal design ensures a substantially watertight performance even with low seating water heads
  • The flap opens with low unseating heads (2" to 12" depending on the size). If the water head on both sides of the flap gate is equal, the flap closes automatically
  • Option of Wall Mount, Wall Thimble Mount or Standard Flange mounting

ORBINOX are present in more than 70 countries worldwide with over 45 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing knife gate valves, penstocks, dampers and valves for hydraulic works.

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