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Milliken Swing Check Valve - Series 9001

Milliken Swing Check Valve - Series 9001





Model 9001 swing check valves are self-contained, free-swinging disc style with outside lever and weight or outside lever and spring. 

These valves feature enlarged hinge pins and upgraded materials of construction set forth for air or oil cushion valves and are suitable for use in wastewater, water, sewage, oil and gas applications.

Valves are produced in cast iron body, bronze or stainless steel seat rings, Buna-N or EPDM disc inserts, and hinge pins of corrosion resistant stainless steel. Internal and external epoxy coating conforming to AWWA C550 is a standard. Valves are designed for horizontal or vertical installations and for uninterrupted continuous service. 

  • Meets AWWA C508 Standard
  • Field convertible to air or oil systems
  • Available in ductile iron for high pressure applications
  • Sizes: 3" to 72"

The Milliken Valve Company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets plug, check, and butterfly valves and their respective controls and actuators. These valves are primarily used in the water, wastewater, and industrial markets.

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