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Danfoss Ball Check Valve - Model 408

Danfoss Ball Check Valve - Model 408


Model 408 Flomatic Ball Check Valves are especially designed for demanding wastewater and storm water pumping applications.

Model 408 is a favorite and proven valve in the submersible water and wastewater industry for decades. The 408 features a clean-out port permitting access to the inside of the valve without removal from the pipe line. Flanged ANSI 125 connections. Model 408FB is equipped with a “floating” rather than a “sinking” ball to prevent backflow from drains.

  • Size: 3"-14"
  • Pressure Max: 150 PSI
  • Temp Max: 180°F (80°C)
  • Cast iron body with epoxy coating and access port

Flomatic® Corporation, a subsidiary of Danfoss valve, located in Glens Falls, upstate New York, is a manufacturer of high quality valves primarily for domestic and municipal water and wastewater applications.

They specializes in check valves, foot valves, automatic hydraulic control valves and backflow preventers directed at the domestic, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets.

Flomatic®continues to operate as a technology company leading the industry with new and innovative products covered by several patents and trademarks to meet the ever-expanding needs of its customers in over 40 different countries. In addition to manufacturing high quality products according to ISO 9001 international standards and ISO 14001 currently under review, Flomatic® is also known for its excellent service and prompt delivery.

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