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Cashco Pneumatic Control Valve - Model SCV 30

Cashco Pneumatic Control Valve - Model SCV 30




The Model SCV-30 * is a revolutionary, throttling, pneumatically actuated control valve. This unique design provides a geo metrically characterized plug for superior throttling dynamics, plus the unit’s ease of cleanability and maintenance meet the requirements of sanitary control valves.

The design incorporates a formed internal diaphragm that is bonded to a characterized metal plug. The diaphragm/body provides the smooth internal passages necessary for ease in cleaning and sanitizing. The plug head provides rigidity to the otherwise flexible diaphragm in the throttling zone where characterized control is desired.

  • Two body configurations include traditional straight-through globe pattern, or angle body pattern. Both self draining.
  • Both full and reduced port designs available to optimize dynamic response
  • Designed for clean-in-place systems and steam-in-place systems
  • Three diaphragms to select from, EPDM, fluorocarbon elastomer, or silicone

Cashco manufactures a proprietary line of self-contained regulators and control valves. The regulators are self-sufficient valves that control the flow based on line pressure at the regulator. By contrast, control valves control flow based on an external signal coming from a controller. Cashco valves control liquids and gases in industrial applications.

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