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Cashco Pneumatic Control Valve - Model 989

Cashco Pneumatic Control Valve - Model 989




The Model 989 is a globe-style, pneumatic control valve designed primarily for general and chemical service. The valve's body/trim materials are available in WCB/316L SST or CF3M/316L SST constructions.

Standard trim is metal seated design giving Class IV shutoff. Optional composition seat design gives Class VI shutoff. Avail able in body sizes 1" thru 2" (DN25–DN50) with fl anged end connections.

  • All wetted trim components of 316L SST
  • Dual stem guiding for improved shutoff, increased packing life, and maximized stability
  • Standard internally live-loaded V-ring packing
  • Multiple packing designs to meet reduced fugitive emission levels.
  • Flow-to-open design for increased rangeability, and stability
  • Quick change trim
  • High pressure drop capability, up to 740 psid (51.0 Bard)
  • Multiple reduced trim selections
  • Equal percent or linear characterization
  • External corrosion protection
  • Face-to-Face dimensions - ISA 75.08.01 (“Short Pattern”)
  • Standard Actuator compliant with IEC 60534-6-1 for mounting standardized positioners.

Cashco manufactures a proprietary line of self-contained regulators and control valves. The regulators are self-sufficient valves that control the flow based on line pressure at the regulator. By contrast, control valves control flow based on an external signal coming from a controller. Cashco valves control liquids and gases in industrial applications.

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