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PureWipe (Wet Wipe) Skid System

OptiFlow PureWipe (Wet Wipe) Skid System
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Automated chemical blending system for wet wipes.

The PureWipe skid system provides liquid solutions for wet wipe products. PureWipe is a self-contained skid mounted system that automatically makes down ingredients and formulates custom recipes of wet wipe solutions. Applications vary from repeatable recipes with few components to a wide range of recipes with multiple components and consistencies.

The PureWipe skid system utilizes PLC based process control to provide precision injection and sequencing along with homogeneous mixing of ingredients. Each batch records and verifies ingredient consumption and mix times before being transferred to the day tank. An optional CIP (clean in place) system is also available to prepare the PureWipe for shut down between production runs.

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  • Accuracy in Blending
  • Sanitary Design
  • Completely Automated
  • Saves Manpower, Chemicals, and Time
  • Improves Plant Safety
  • No Spillage

We have years of experience building custom engineered skid system for a diverse portfolio of industries. We know a great system starts here, with a great process.

Controls Expertise - Our Controls Engineers design control panels to be safe, state of the art, easy to use and long lasting. All control panels are built in our UL listed panel shop.

Installation & Start-up Assistance - We offer experienced mechanical and/or controls personnel to help install and start-up your OptiFlow skid systems upon request.

Intricate System Design - Special attention is placed on component location to ensure proper functionality, maximum serviceability, and reduced operator risk.

Materials Sourcing - Leveraging over 75 years of distribution experience and component know-how, we carefully size and select the right mix of equipment for optimal performance. We also work with our manufacturer partners to source materials at below market prices.

Asset Management - We support our systems by providing lifecycle services such as troubleshooting, maintenance, reconditioning, and asset tracking.

Crane Engineering has been a leading fluid handling equipment distributor for over 75 years. Companies turn to Crane time and time again for the distinct advantages we deliver to our customers every day.

  • Experience and expertise in a broad range of industry processes
  • Elite group of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers with a demonstrated system innovation
  • Disciplined processes of quality in design, fabrication, testing, and documentation
  • More than just talk, we can show you proven examples of system innovation

At Crane Engineering, we've brought together the people, products, and experience to enhance your process. Leverage our abilities to make the Crane Advantage, your advantage.

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