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    Introducing Sudmo Valves


    Crane Engineering Announces Our Latest Partnership with Sudmo Valves!


    Hi my name is Ted Genske and I’m the Valve Manager at Crane Engineering.  Today I'm excited to announce our partnership with Sudmo Pentair valves.  Sudmo is a European manufacturer with a strong presence in the United States. Some of their products include check valves and ball valves,  butterfly valves, pressure relief and control valves, and sample valves.  They also make a complete line of  seat valves, PMO and mix-proof valves.

     Industries that need these valves include pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers like soft drinks, sports drinks and juices. Breweries, wineries and distilleries also have a need for these valves. And in the dairy industry for production like milk, whey, cheese, curd and CIP separation is where the mix-proof, PMO, and seat valves come into play.

     Sudmo manufacturers the seat valve, PMO, and mix-proof valves out of solid bar stock. This gives the body extra strength and aids in seating when piping alignment is an issue.

    The control top, the Intellitop 2.0, is universal between the 3 styles of valves, and is easily field programmable with the auto-tune feature.

    Sudmo valves are easily field repairable due to their stacked stem assembly. The valves require minimal replacement part and only a few special tools are needed.

    I hope you’ll think of Crane Engineering for all of your valve and automation needs, especially when it comes to sanitary applications and Sudmo valves.




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