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Weinman CV Series Centrifugal Inline Pump

Weinman CV Series Centrifugal Inline Pump
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Weinman In-line pumps are specifically designed for heating, air conditioning and industrial applications. Suction and discharge nozzles are located 180° apart on the same centerline for mounting directly in a pipe line. This eliminates critical pipe alignment for ease of assembly and minimum pipe strain. The need for costly foundations is eliminated, which guarantees minimum space requirements.

  • Bronze Impellers 
  • Back pull-out design 
  • Mechanical seal 
  • Internal seal flush 
  • NEMA JM drip proof motor 
  • Removable bronze wear ring 
  • Standard 125lb ANSI flange 
  • Pressure gauge tappings at suction & discharge flange

When it comes to general industrial, municipal, commercial and building service pumps, Weinman is widely recognized for quality, efficiency and economy. Weinman pumps are particularly adept in HVAC and water service applications. Weinman pumping equipment and systems are widely found in boiler feed or booster service, chilled or hot water, cooling tower condensate and sprinkler, ice storage and liquid circulation. General water services include potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection, municipal and industrial water treatment.

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