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Vogelsang VX-Series Rotary Lobe Pump

Vogelsang VX-Series Rotary Lobe Pump




Vogelsang offers a full line of Rotary Lobe Pump models to suit various applications and operating conditions. The VX HiFlo Q series is our standard design and works well in most applications requiring a positive displacement pump. For increased flow and medium pressure, we offer the VX HiFlo QD series which features a much larger wet end and outboard bearing configuration to eliminate deflection. For high flow and high pressure applications, the Marathon QDM2 series handles pressures to over 200psi in a two stage outboard configuration.

  • High solids & abrasives handling
  • Longer sealing lines with better volumetric efficiency
  • Better intake capacity, even at low speeds
  • Up to double the life of wear parts
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Higher flow rates with no pulsation
  • Better suction capacity through reduced cavitation
  • Self priming up to 25'
  • Low liquid shear

Vogelsang designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of industry-leading products and systems for industrial, agricultural and municipal applications for the North & South American market. The US Factory currently produces all VX Pumps, RC Series RotaCuts and associated bases, flanges and other fabricated components.

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