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Micropump GL Series External Gear Pump

Micropump GL Series External Gear Pump



The GL Series external gear pumps can handle tough fluid handling needs without taking up too much space. This cavity style gear pump provides smooth, pulseless delivery, with a high system pressure version available that can withstand system pressures to 103 Bar (1500 psi).

GL Series pumps deliver rugged, reliable performance for any high-precision pumping need.

  • Small Size
  • Smooth, Pulseless Delivery
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Easy to Service
  • Proven Reliability
  • Advanced Pump Technology
  • Wide Range of Options
  • OEM Configurations
  • High-System Pressure Capability
  • Enhanced Efficiency

Established in 1960, Micropump Inc. is the originator of magnetic drive gear pump technology. Today, Micropump® is the market leader in low-flow gear pumps offering standard models, configure-to-order options, and custom solutions. Specializing in OEM and industrial pump applications where precise fluid control is required, Micropump combines state-of-the-art manufacturing with unparalleled engineering expertise to meet its customers’ ever-changing fluid handling needs.

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