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Cornell Cutter Pump

Cornell Cutter Pump

Cornell Pump 

The cutter pump was created in order to address the urgent need of reducing clogging due to ragging. With the increased use of 'flushable' materials and extraneous cleaning products, the issue of clogging—leading to downtime, pump destruction, and pipe damage, has increased markedly. Useful in municipal, agricultural, and other markets, the cutters unique stationary and rotating blade design allows material to pass through the impeller that would tend to clog a non-cutter pump.

  • 2012 Product of the Year Winner
  • Minimal Energy Consumption
  • Designed to break up clogs and prevent ragging
  • Cutters are shaped to minimize flow restrictions
  • Hardened cutter material for long life
  • Adjustable

Cornell Pump Company has been known for building durable, high-quality, efficient pumps and parts since 1946. With innovative technologies like their patented Cycloseal®, Run-Dry™ and Redi-Prime® options, Cornell has a pump for just about any application. All products are backed by a two-year warranty.

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