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Cat Pumps Nickel Aluminum Bronze Pumps 

Cat Pumps Nickel Aluminum Bronze Pumps Piston and Plunger Pumps

Cat Pumps




Cat Pumps offers a complete line of nickel aluminum bronze pumps to meet industry demands. These pumps are frequently found in oilfield and reverse osmosis applications throughout the world. The superior strength and corrosion-resistance of nickel aluminum bronze, combined with Cat Pumps’ dependability, makes them an industry-leading choice. Nickel aluminum bronze pumps are stock items at Cat Pumps.

  • Triplex plunger design provides smoother liquid flow
  • V-Packings are completely lubricated and cooled by the liquid being pumped
  • Special ported inlet manifold permits an external flush liquid providing cooling for hi-temp liquids and lubrication for low lubricity liquids
  • Lubricated Lo-Pressure Seals provide double protection against external leakage
  • Oil bath crankcase assures optimum lubrication
  • Close tolerance concentricity of the ceramic plunger offers perfect alignment and maximizes seal life

Cat Pumps has been a leader selling precision triplex reciprocating pumps and systems for more than forty years.  With an emphasis on immediate product availability and outstanding customer service, our family owned and operated business prides itself on a commitment to quality and long life as the foundation of its ongoing success.

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