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Tranter Platecoil® Prime Surface Heat Exchanger

Tranter Platecoil® Prime Surface Heat Exchanger


Tranter PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers are constructed from two sheets resistance-welded together, one or both of which is die-formed, comprising a series of passages through which a heating or cooling media flows. Panels are manifolded into circuits for precise heat exchange duties. These highly versatile exchangers conform to ISO 9001 standards for design, manufacture and testing for either one-off, special fabrications or high-volume engineered subsystems.

Features and Benefits

  • Better Thermal Control - Than pipe coil, half pipe, dimple sheet or gridcoil
  • More Uniform Heat Transfer - Optimized flow rate and flow balance through the panels
  • High Mechanical Integrity - Low stress of the base metal during metalworking and welding
  • More Compact - Twice the surface area in a given space, at half the weight as equivalent pipe coil
  • Saves Boil Fuel - High heat transfer coefficient for optimal efficiency
  • Immediate Response - Faster start-ups and better temperature uniformity through load changes


  • Immersion heating banks
  • Jacketed vessels, reactors or dryer shells
  • Fluidized beds
  • Gas phase heat recovery banks


Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers reduce installed and operational costs, aiding consistency and reliability across a broad range of industrial markets.


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