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Tranter Maxchanger® Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger

Tranter Maxchanger® Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger


The MAXCHANGER® Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger standard materials are all-welded 316L SS or titanium. Its unique dimpled plates, combined with countercurrent flow, produce extremely high “U” or “K” values.

Features and Benefits

  • High Performance - Shell & tube-class performance under demanding conditions, for a fraction of the installed mass and footprint
  • Tiny Footprint - Ultra-compact footprint enhanced by flexibility in nozzle positioning
  • High Integrity - Withstands fatigue-type stresses induced by pressure cycling in steam heating applications
  • Superior Durability - Outstanding durability compared to CBE or S&T exchangers, often outliving the system service life, eliminating the need to design for service access and more added space
  • Responsive and Efficient - Immediate thermal response and a close temperature approach capability of less than 1°C (2°F)
  • Fouling Resistant - High turbulence prevents energy-robbing fouling or scaling, reducing maintenance burdens as well.


  • Condensers and evaporators in chiller or refrigeration systems
  • Sample coolers
  • Caustic/HF solution heating, occupying only one-third the length of the original S&T exchanger
  • Shipboard plastic waste melt coolers
  • Fresh water isolation loop exchangers for gas turbine engine lube oil cooling 
  • Leakproof, gasketless mineral oil coolers 
  • Superheated steam sterilizer 
  • Instantaneous hot water heating
  • Compact, no-maintenance engine oil or hydraulic oil coolers in off-road equipment
  • Fresh water chilling (ammonia) 


Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers reduce installed and operational costs, aiding consistency and reliability across a broad range of industrial markets.


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