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Koflo Gray PVC Static Mixer

Koflo Gray PVC Static Mixer

Koflo produces a complete line of in-stock industrial-grade schedule 80 PVC static mixers in sizes ranging from 1/2"-2with both 6 and 12 mixing elements. All sizes are in stock and available for immediate delivery.  Threaded PVC static mixers are solvent cemented into the PVC housing to create a high strength bond and edge-seal the mixer to the wall to prevent liquid from "slip streaming" around the mixing elements.

  • Housing: Schedule 80 PVC
  • Elements: Koflo Blade™ Style PVC
  • End Connections: Male NPT (Threaded Ends)
  • PVC construction provides a durable, cost-effective mixing option
  • Edge-sealed using a high-strength PVC solvent cement

With over 30 years of experience, Koflo is a global leader in static mixer design and manufacturing offering mixing solutions for nearly every application. Koflo static mixers achieve the greatest amount of mixing with the lowest pressure loss possible. Especially idea for the water treatment industry.

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