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Cleveland Mixer BHD Right Angle Top Entry Mixer

Cleveland Mixer BHD Right Angle Top Entry Mixer
Cleveland Mixer

Easy maintenance and extended durability for up to 500,000 gallon applications. High bending and thrust loads on the output shaft, reliable round-the-clock operation, and absolutely no leakage. The BHD series has thousands of successful applications under its belt from atmospheric, 750,000 gallon waste water tanks to 1,000 psi fermenters. Since 1975, this model series has proven itself in the most demanding and critical chemical processes.

  • Designed for applications up to 750,000 gallons
  • Nearly 40 years of operational proof with harsh mixing conditions
  • Optimized construction for hi-performance, quiet, lasting ROI
  • American-made with 3 year guarentee and full process warranty
  • A proven, rigid design - made to last
  • Drywell construction
  • High-performance gearing
  • Customized impeller selection

Since 1939, Cleveland Mixer has provided a complete line of industrial mixers and agitators for batch sizes from 5 gallons to 500,000 gallons. They serve the chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical and personal care industries in addition to customers in the water and waste treatment industry. With one of the most comprehensive liquid mixing product lines available, our mixers are used in everything from product development to full scale production systems.

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