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CinchSeal OFCT Aluminum Split Seal

CinchSeal OFCT Aluminum Split Seal


The OFCT fully split CinchSeal is an air purged rotary shaft seal that is suitable for food applications and is ideal for mixers that process dry and slurry mixes where frequent product changes and washdowns are required. The split design enables trouble free cleaning and sanitizing between batches, and allows for easy installation directly on the shaft without the removal of existing equipment.

  • Eliminates chronic leaks and product loss
  • Does not damage rotating shafts
  • Reduces maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Accepts shaft runout and thermal growth
  • Designed to accept repair kit
  • Conforms to existing bolt patterns
  • Housing constructed out of Anodized Aluminum
  • Seals toxic vapors
Manufacturer of air purged shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and other rotating equipment that handle powders, slurries, and liquids. Using air or nitrogen purge, our self-adjusting screw conveyor seal, externally adjustable blender and mixer seal or cartridge seals provide unique systems to reduce product loss and maintenance costs. Successfully providing sealing solutions from food processing to the harsh environments of cement and gypsum.

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