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Eaton DCF Series - Self Cleaning Filters

Eaton DCF Series - Self Cleaning Filters


The Eaton DCF-Series is ideal for highly viscous, abrasive, or sticky liquids. The DCFs operate at a consistently low differential pressure and deliver simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving factor. These self-cleaning filter systems dramatically reduce product loss, require, minimal operator intervention, and improve flow consistency. The filters are based on a simple concept: A cylindrical stainless steel housing contains a filter screen; unfiltered liquids enter the inlet; solids are deposited on the interior surface of the filtration media; and filtered fluid exits at the outlet.

  • Elimination or reduction in disposable filter bags and cartridges
  • Reduced operator handling inventory costs and landfill waste
  • Virtually maintenance free, near 100% uptime
  • Compact design, lower capital cost to fit most installations
  • Stainless steel screens from 15 micron slots to 1/4" perforations
  • Available with uhmwpe, urethane-, teflon, or kynar-cleaning discs

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