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BECODISC Stacked Disc Cartridges

BECODISC Stacked Disc Cartridges


Mineral-free depth filtration stacked disc cartridges for a wide range of applications, including coarse and sterile filtration of all liquid media e.g., beverages. Only depth filter media manufactured according to the bepure process are used in BECODISC stacked disc cartridges. Developed in-house the bepure process enables a mineral-free sterile filtration. This process cross-links high-purity celluloses to form a unique structure that requires no organic ingredients for sterile filtration and the depth filter media is characterized by maximum purity. The content of ions, flushable or sensory relevant substances is lower than in conventional stacked disc cartridges.

  • Maximum purity
  • Mineral-free, therefore low ion content
  • 20 % higher performance
  • Reduced pre-rinse volumes
  • Increased strength of the depth filter media used versus conventional depth filter sheets
  • Rinsing volume reduced by 50 %, resulting in reduced process costs
  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Low charge-related adsorption
  • Virtually no ash content, therefore optimum ashing
  • No undesirable affects to the product

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