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Sani-Matic Tunnel Washers

Sani-Matic Tunnel Washers


The automated Sani-Matic Tunnel Wash is designed to thoroughly clean large quantities of process items such as pans, totes or trays, while also generating labor, water, and chemical savings.

Each Pallet Washer system has high-impact, 360° adjustable spray nozzles positioned to provide complete cleaning coverage of the process item’s internal and external surface area. The automated system has programmable controls to automate water levels, temperature and conveyor speeds for efficient, repeatable results and cost savings.

  • 2-, 3- or 4-section modular configurations
  • Rollaway covers for easy access to sprays, instruments, conveyor
  • Variable-speed, gear-driven conveyor with torque limiter
  • High-impact, 360° adjustable spray nozzles
  • Two-stage solution-straining system with removable elements
  • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump(s)
  • Automatic temperature and water level controls with alarm
  • Direct steam injection heating system
  • Controls with door mounted switches and indicator lights
  • Automatic final rinse control

With years of application experience in the Food, Beverage, and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries, Sani-Matic veterans will evaluate your process needs first, then consult with you on the appropriate style and sizing to ensure efficient and dependable results. Our wide variety of strainers are sanitary in design, constructed from durable stainless steel, and are easy to disassemble and clean, which allows quick inspection and service of the process line.

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